Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 start and end dates

Welcome to a haunted time of year, Guardians.

Image via Bungie

The Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny 2 in 2022. You will have the opportunity to run through the seasonal event, earning candy to access multiple rewards, and you’ll also have the chance to earn this year’s seasonal Mech-themed armor. The event is only available for a limited time, though. Here’s what you need to know about the start and end days for the Festival of the Lost 2022 event in Destiny 2.

All Festival of the Lost 2022 start and ends dates in Destiny 2

The starting date for the Festival of the Lost 2022 event will happen on October 18. It will occur when the traditional reset time happens, so you can expect to see it roughly around 1 PM ET on that day. When it starts, there will be multiple quests and things for you to do for the event. We recommend jumping on these as quickly as possible to learn this year’s rotation and find the best way to earn candy to turn into everyone’s seasonal holiday caregiver, Eva.

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This will be a three-week event, similar to the other seasonal events in Destiny 2. However, because it will last for three weeks, the Festival of the Lost 2022 event will end on November 8. This should give you plenty of time to earn every reward you want to dedicate your time to grabbing before it all goes away.

Similar to the Solstice 2022 event, Bungie is slated to have another Seasonal Card added to the game, which will give the option for players to purchase the premium version. The premium version comes with multiple cosmetics, but having the premium version will not bar you from participating in it, and it is not a requirement to complete the event.