Destiny 2 Found Verdict God Roll guide – PvP and PvE

A competitor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Found Verdict can be obtained in Destiny 2 by opening encounter chests in The Vault of Glass Raid. It’s an exciting prospect that can compete with the PvP kings, Felwinter’s Lie, if you get the right rolls.

In this guide, we will will run through the various Perks you can get on the weapon, and also some God Rolls for PvP and PvE.

How to get the Found Verdict

The Found Verdict can be obtained from encounter chests in the Vault of Glass. After it is found the first time, it can start to drop from the secret chests in the Raid as well.

Found Verdict Stats

  • Impact – 80
  • Range – 38
  • Stability – 30
  • Handling – 45
  • Reload Speed – 42
  • RPM – 55
  • Magazine Size – 4
  • Aim Assistance – 37
  • Recoil – 75
  • Direction – Tends Vertical

Possible Perks

Perk 1: Full Choke, Rifled Barrel, Smoothbore, Smallbore, Barrel Shroud, Corkscrew Rifling

Perk 2: Assault Mag, Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, Extended Mag, Steady Rounds, Accurized Rounds, Light Mag

Perk 3: Rewind Rounds, Auto-Loading Holster, Surplus, Unrelenting, Slideshot, Full Auto Trigger System

Perk 4: One-Two Punch, Frenzy, Vorpal Weapon, Demolitionist, Opening Shot, Killing Wind.

PvP God Roll

Like all Shotgun that can one-bang enemies with regularity in the Crucible, the goal of any roll on the Found Verdict is to increase the range. Full Choke and Accurized Rounds will give the weapon and impressive base range. Slideshot and Opening Shot will nicely round things out, giving easy to stack buffs to range, accuracy, and stability.

PvE God Roll

Range is less important for PvE rolls, as you normally want to get right up in the face of a strong enemy and do as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible, before getting boss stomped away. For us, Full Choke, Assault Mag, Auto-Loading Holster, and Vorpal Weapon are where to go. Dive on a powerful enemy and dump all the rounds you can into them, then instantly switch to another weapon to keep DPS high, alternating back to the Found Verdict after the automatic reload kicks in.