Destiny 2 – How to Get and Upgrade Masterwork Armor

Destiny 2

Let’s face it, one of the reasons players keep coming back to Destiny 2 is to get the perfect collection of loot. When it comes to armor, every little bit of optimization is vital. We’ve spent some time talking about the different types of stat properties your armor can have in our Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery guide, and now Bungie has given us more reason to obsess about what our Guardians wear.

What is Masterwork Armor

Masterwork Armor is a new type of armor in Destiny 2. Identified by a gold border around its icon, a Masterwork Armor piece adds some special perks to the gear. Every Masterwork Armor item provides an additional 3% damage resistance while your Guardian is in its super. This added protection can stack up to five times, once per armor slot. It is highly recommended to try to max out all of your armor with Masterwork items, when possible.

In addition to increasing your damage resistance, every time you roll a Masterwork Armor piece, the armor’s intrinsic stat package changes. It will randomly change between the three major attributes of Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery. This provides the opportunity to fine-tune your Guardian’s build and can be a lifesaver if you’re struggling to get just the right mods needed to reach your goals. To re-roll a Masterwork Armor piece, you will need to spend 1 Masterwork Core and a few Legendary Shards.

How to Get Masterwork Armor

Masterwork Armor is obtained by one of two methods that follow the method of acquiring Masterwork Weapons. Any legendary engram has the chance to decrypt straight into a piece of Masterwork Armor. You’ll know you got lucky when you see the gold border around the item’s icon.

Alternatively, you can upgrade any existing legendary armor piece into a Masterwork version by spending 5 Masterwork Cores and 20 Legendary Shards. Thankfully, this is quite a discount from what it costs to upgrade weapons. Masterwork Cores can only be obtained by dismantling Masterwork Weapons or Masterwork Armor. One more reason to keep grinding, I suppose.

That’s really all there is to the Masterwork Armor system, so get out there Guardian and start collecting and optimizing! If you’re in need of more help in Destiny 2, we’ve got a huge collection of guides in our Destiny 2 Guide Hub.