How Hunter’s Trace works on Revision Zero in Destiny 2

How quickly can you activate Hunter’s Trace?

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The Revision Zero is a modifiable exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2, a weapon you can acquire by playing through the Season of the Seraph and finding the prototype artifact during Operation: Seraph’s Shields. When you receive the weapon and begin crafting it yourself, the intrinsic trait of the exotic weapon is called Hunter’s Trace. It’s unique to the gun and a skill you want to use often but carefully. Here’s what you need to know about how Hunter’s Trace works on Revision Zero in Destiny 2.

How to use Revision Zero’s Hunter’s Trace in Destiny 2

The Hunter’s Trace is a firing type for the Revision Zero pulse rifle. In its standard state, the scope is on the side, with holographic sights on top. You’ll be able to see how much ammunition the weapon has in this form, and when you aim down sights, it will have a holographic scope. On the left side of your screen, you will see the Targeting Data buff, with a small meter underneath it.

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You need to increase your meter while using the weapon, and when you’re ready, you can activate Hunter’s Trace by clicking the manual reload button and charging the weapon. If you’d rather wait for the total charge, avoid manually reloading the weapon at all times.

You can choose to complete four parts of the Targeting Data meter. Each slot is an ammunition round that goes into the Revision Zero’s Hunter’s Trace ability, giving it a high-powered bullet, turning it into a sniper rifle, or making it a well-placed linear fusion rifle shot that does a massive amount of damage. You gain Targeting Data by successfully hitting precision shots against foes. Depending on the enemy type, this will vary from a specific spot on their body or their head. More often than not, it will be their head.

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When you manually reload with at least one section of Targeting Data done, the Revision Zero’s scope on the side appears at the top, and you can now treat it like a sniper rifle. You will have as much ammunition as every completed section on the Targeting Data buff, up to four shots.