Destiny 2: How to Find All Savathun’s Spire Secret Chest Locations – Week 2

True to hear nature, Savathun has hidden several secret chests in Savathun’s Spire for Destiny 2 players to find.

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Savathun is the queen of secrets and lies in Destiny 2. She’s held many answers close to her chest, intent on making sure none of them left her before she could claim some type of reward. What’s fitting is that while exploring Savathun’s Spire during Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch, there are secret chests for you to track down as you explore this activity with your Fireteam.

These secret chests will reveal themselves the more you explore Savathun’s Spire and expect them to appear as the Season of the Witch continues to unravel. Here are all the secret chests you can find in Savathun’s Spire in Destiny 2.

Where to Find All Savathun’s Spire Secret Chests in Destiny 2

These secret chests will be scattered throughout Savathun’s Spire, appearing uniquely. Your Destiny 2 fireteam will need to track them down and be as sharp as ever to throw away Savathun’s magic, unlocking these helpful rewards.

Elemental Runes Secret Chest in Destiny 2

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The first chest we found was right before the end of Savathun’s Spire Labyrinth, shortly after you enter the final portal with your Destiny 2 team. When your team reaches the top, they can choose to progress forward or look underneath the platforms they’re standing on. Several distinctly glowed orbs will be floating under these platforms, and you must fire at them to reveal the runes.

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There are Orange and Purple Runes, indicating you need to use specific Destiny 2 weapons to reveal them. For the Orange Runes, use a Solar weapon on that orb. For the Purple Runes, use a Void Weapon to tell the runes. After you’ve done this for all four of the runes, when you reach the end of a platform, and chest will appear, granting you a bonus pile of loot before completing this activity.

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We will update this page as we uncover more secret chest locations in Savathun’s Spire while playing Destiny 2. We can expect to find more as the Season of the Witch progresses and the weekly quest, The Balded Path, continues.

Deepsight Platforms Secret Chest in Destiny 2

Earlier in Savathun’s Spire, after the second major encounter, there is a second chest you can find. you’ll want to run through the various Hive doors until you reach the elevator. Before you go to the first step, take a right, and jump down below. You’ll find a location with a Deepsight orb, which you can activate. Several Deepsight platforms will appear to your left, and you can jump through them to reveal a hidden chest on the left side, surrounded by several cages that you can walk through, so long as you have the Deepsight activated.

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