Where to find the Statue of Heroes and meditate at it in Destiny 2

Honoring heroes.

Destiny 2

The Statue of Heroes is a new addition to the Tower in Destiny 2. As part of the Solstice of Heroes event, there is a lovely statue representing all three classes in the Tower’s central area. If this is your first time playing through the event, you can find it right beside Eva, as everyone’s favorite Tower Grandma has organized an event to help Guardians celebrate all the good things in life.

The Statue of Heroes is located right in the center of the Tower courtyard and will be directly in front of you when you spawn in the Tower.

How To Meditate At The Statue of Heroes

Eva has a new activity for you in the European Aerial Zone. In that area, you’re going to need to take out minibosses and then fight a final boss. When you kill the final boss, you need to search the map for treasure chests containing Solstice of Heroes items. She will have a bit of a quest for you to do that take place in the European Aerial Zone, and after your first run there, speak to Eva afterward, and she tells you to meditate at the Statue of Heroes.

This extra action is effortless to do, but it is easy to miss. All you need to do is stand in front of the Statue of Heroes and press the interact button. The statue is right beside where Eva is standing in the courtyard. You will already have the special event helmet from Eva, but meditating at the statue gets you the rest of the armor pieces you need. This action gets you the full set for whatever class you are playing.

Don’t forget, each armor piece can get upgraded by performing specific actions in-game. Make sure you check each piece’s description to learn what you need to do to improve it.