Destiny 2 – How To Open The Locked Chests On The Moon

Destiny 2

While patrolling on the new Moon destination in Destiny 2, you may have encountered some locked chest. These chests have hive crystals all over them and have no way to interact with them to open them. They do have three green symbols on the front, giving a small clue about what you need to do. In this guide, we will show you how to open the locked chests on the Moon.

Destiny 2 – How To Open The Locked Chests On The Moon

Locked Chest Symbol

When you find one of the locked chests, look around the immediate area that the chest is in. You should be able to find three small panels with corresponding symbols on them to the symbols on the front of the chest.

You need to shoot the symbols in the same order that they appear on the chest to open them. Once you do, you will get some fairly basic loot, so it only really helps if you are still leveling up to 900 Power.

The panels can be very well hidden, or hard to spot, so make sure you carefully search the surrounding area. The chests can also seem to appear and disappear for no obvious reason that I have been able to figure out yet, so if you return to a spot where you know you saw one, and it is no longer there, check back later, and it should show up again.

At the moment, I have no idea how many of these chests there are, or if unlocking them all gets you a special item or Triumph, but I am working to track them all down.

So there you go Guardian, now you know how to open the locked chests on the Moon in Destiny 2.