Destiny 2 – How To Start The Garden of Salvation Raid

Destiny 2

Garden of Salvation, the new Raid, has launched in Destiny 2. In this guide, we will show you how to begin the Raid. Make sure you have as much power as you can get your hands on, then prepare for a challenge!

Destiny 2 – How To Start The Garden of Salvation Raid

Garden of Salvation Map

Raids in Destiny 2 are six player missions that have no matchmaking. The first step is to find five other people to play with during the event. Once you gather together in orbit, your Fireteam leaders need to click on the Moon in the Destinations tab of their Director. From there, if you scroll up, you will be able to see a new symbol on the map, shown above. Click on this to start the Raid.

From there, you will load into a spooky cavern, and walking forward will bring you to a massive Vex Gate. Enemies will flood out of the gate, so wipe them all out to be able to progress forward.

First Encounter

Once all enemies are dead, the Vex Gate will activate, and your team can go through. Go up the steps and continue forward until you find a strange Vex creature that appears to be feasting on a Minotaur. This step is the game’s first proper encounter, so best of lucking figuring out what to do next!

Remember, the Raid will be in Contest Mode for the first 24 hours, meaning no matter how high your Power level is it will always cap out at the recommended light for the encounter you are in. If you think you are getting hit a little too hard by enemies, that is just how the Raid will be working on the first day.

Best of luck, Guardians.