Destiny 2 – Memory Of Omar Agah – How To Find A Powerful Wizard

Destiny 2

Each week Eris is haunted by the memory of one of her former Fireteam members. This week, it is the Memory of Omar Agah, and if you want to help Eris deal with her terrible past, you will need to find a powerful wizard to kill.

Destiny 2 – Memory Of Omar Agah – Powerful Wizard Location

Destiny 2 Titan Map

A straightforward place to find a Powerful Wizard is on Titan. If you spawn in at Siren’s Watch, the entrance to the Methane Flush Lost Sector will be just to your right, jump down to the lower level of the platform that overlooks the methane sea, then head inside. Follow to the end to get to the Methane Flush Lost Sector.

The boss in this Lost Sector is a Powerful Wizard, but keep in mind that to progress the memory, you need to kill them with your Super. It’s perfectly fine to clear out the enemies, then work her health bar down with your weapons, and pop your Super to finish her off. At some point she will move further into the Lost Sector, so unless you are confident you can kill her in time, it is best to wait until she does this to activate your Super, otherwise you might not be able to kill her with it, and will need to wait for it to charge up again.

The next step is to find Omar Agah’s lost throwing knives by landing precision final blows on powerful enemies while using a Bow or a Sniper Rifle. For this portion, load into the start of the Leviathan Raid. There will be 8 Cabal powerful enemies here that you can kill, and they have nice big heads, making it easy to get those precision final blows.

Once you kill all eight, reload the Raid again, and they will all have respawned, then repeat the process until you have all of the throwing knives. When this is done, return to the Moon and jump into the portal that will have spawned beside Eris’ usual location. Just follow the path to the Abyss and speak with Eris to wrap up this Memory.