Destiny 2 – How To Complete The Scour The Rust Pursuit

Destiny 2

Lord Saladin is back, bringing the Iron Banner to Destiny 2. New Light players might be a little confused, so let’s get to business. Iron Banner is a special PvP event that will happen a couple of times each Season. You load into the Crucible at the behest of Lord Saladin and engage in combat where Power Level matters.

This time around, there is a pursuit called Scour the Rust that you will need to complete to get your special Iron Banner armor. You also need to finish it to be able to spend your Iron Banner Tokens earned for winning rounds and finishing the four Bounties that Saladin will have available. The good news is that if you enjoy the Banner, you can grab those Bounties multiple times and grind out some Pinnacle Gear.

To start the Pursuit, visit Lord Saladin in the Tower. He can’t be missed, surrounded by burning braziers and giant metal wolf heads.

Scour The Rust – Iron Banner Pursuit

Scour the Rust is a multiple-step pursuit that will ask you to perform various actions in the Iron Banner. It is mostly designed to try and get people to explore weapon options, and play the objective in one way or the other.

Keep in mind, all these steps need to be completed in the Iron Banner, and if you need a specific weapon for any step, then that weapon type will drop for you as a reward from completing the previous step! If your inventory is full, it will go to the Post Master at the Tower, so be sure to check there if you need it.


  • Capture 10 Zones
  • Get three Super kills
  • Defeat 30 Guardians


  • Defeat 25 enemies with a Pulse Rifle
  • Capture 20 Zones
  • Complete 6 matches


  • Defeat 20 enemies with Fusion Rifles
  • Defeat 100 enemies
  • Capture 30 zones


  • Capture 40 zones
  • Defeat 15 enemies with your Super
  • Defeat 15 enemies with SMGs


Please note, this step is currently bugged, and kills with SMGs will be counted as Grenade Launcher kills. Thankfully, Grenade Launcher kills still count as well, so double up on those weapons in your loadout for this step. I expect this will get patched fairly soon.

  • Capture 50 zones
  • Complete 15 matches
  • Get 10 kills with Grenade Launchers

Each completed step will drop you a piece of this Season’s Iron Banner armor for your class, and once you are done, you can visit Lord Saladin at the Tower to hand in the pursuit. Once that is done, you can then spend your Iron Banner Tokens with Saladin to try and get good rolls for new gear.