Destiny 2 – Cenotaph Mask Exotic Warlock Helmet Location & Requirements

Learn how to get the new Cenotaph Mask Exotic Head Armor in this guide to Destiny 2: Season of the Deep.

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The Cenotaph Mask Exotic Helmet was introduced in Season 21 of Destiny 2, and it’s one of the more unique pieces of gear we’ve had in a long time. With its abilities focused on Trace Rifles, and its look hard to match with other types of fashion, whether it becomes a meta choice or a fun but niche option remains to be seen.

Whether you want it for your collection or to make a new Trace Rifle-focused build, we’ll cover how to get the Cenotaph Mask in this guide.

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Where to Get the Cenotaph Mask in Destiny 2

There are three main ways of getting the Cenotaph Mask: Legend and Master Lost Sectors, Nightfall rewards, and from a random Exotic decode. By far the most consistent method is the first: completing high-difficulty Lost Sectors.

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Every day, one of the many Lost Sectors throughout the system will be marked as Legend/Master, and completing them solo has a chance to award an Exotic of the listed slot type. The first Exotic you receive from the Lost Sector has a high but not 100% probability of being one you don’t already have in your Collections. If the Cenotaph Mask is the only helmet you don’t own, you’ll have a good chance of getting it.

The Lost Sector armor slot rotates daily alongside its location, and each has different challenge requirements, with Champions, Surges, Threats, and additional modifiers specific to the activity.

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The other two sources of the Cenotaph Mask are as a random reward from either a Nightfall activity or by decrypting an Exotic Engram at Master Rahool in the Tower. Note that you should not try to focus the Engram, as Season of the Deep Exotics aren’t available to focus yet, so you’ll need to rely on RNG to get one from him.