Destiny 2 Is Temporarily At Capacity – What Does It Mean?

Destiny 2 is currently at capacity.

Destiny 2

The new Season of Arrivals has just begun in Destiny 2, and everyone is clamoring to get inside the game so they can have a poke around at all the new content. As you might expect, that means a bit of a wait to get into the game. Remain patient, you will just need to wait in the queue until you get loaded in.

Destiny 2 Is Temporarily At Capacity

Unfortunately, there are just so many people trying to get into Destiny 2 right now that the servers are straining under pressure. It was to be expected, however. Pretty much the entire active population of Destiny 2 is trying to log in right now. When Bungie was forced to take the servers offline to do the Weekly Reset, it meant everyone playing the game got the boot, so now the entire active population is trying to get back in for Season of Arrivals and the weekly reset.

That is a whole lot of people currently bombarding the login servers. As such, if you are having login problems, the best thing to do is exercise a little patience. These problems have sadly become quite common since Destiny 2 moved to Steam.

All you can do is sit and wait until you get processed through the queue. I wouldn’t advise trying again, because you will lose your current spot in the line and all the people behind you will get to shuffle on a step forward.

Stay patient. The moon will still be haunted in a few minutes when you finally get into the game.