Destiny 2: How To Farm Exotic Engrams In Warmind DLC

Destiny 2

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Exotic Engrams in Destiny 2 is the most valuable Engram in the game. And Warmind DLC brings some of these back into the picture. These engrams offer you an exotic piece of gear with its unique appearance and animation style. They are above Legendary one, and hard to find. But there are some right activities you can perform to simply increase your chance of earning Exotic Engrams. But remember that the activities or events you will participate to get the Engrams are tough. They are not like what you play regular, these will be the most challenging ones and once you are able to win it, you will be rewarded with Exotic Engrams.

Warmind Exotic Engrams Farming

How to Farm Exotic Engrams Fast

There is always specific quest that will grant you a guaranteed Exotic Engram once you complete them. Below we had mentioned a few activities that you can play out to get them.

Cayde-6 Treasure Maps:

To increase your chances of getting Exotic Engrams you have to buy all 5 Treasure maps from Cayde-6 on Nessus. It will cost around 4800 glimmers each. So that makes approx 24000 glimmers for all 5 of them. It is quite overpriced but if you are able to get the maps you can fast Engrams faster. To get the maps you have to complete Warmind Campaign story first which has around 4 to 5 missions. So it is short. Next, meet Cayde-6 at the start of each weekly reset. There are possible chances that you may earn 1 exotic engram after playing all the treasure maps.

Milestones & Raids:

Once your PL reaches 340 start playing Milestones. Complete all your milestones, the play has reported earning a exotics through this. The second way is Raid. In Raid, there are more chances to earn exotics due to drops points you get. There are chests that can surely reward you an exotic engram. Running Leviathan on prestige difficulty is a way to get this, but this won’t be easy. There are chances that you can earn 2 engrams from Leviathan Raid and one from Eater of Worlds raid. So you can earn 3 for one character, and you can switch to the second one to run the raids again and so on. So if you play 3 characters you can earn 9 Exotic Engrams from raids.

Public Heroic Events is also a way because in Destiny 2 this has been one of the best ways to earn Exotic Engrams, but in Warmind things have been changed. There is nnosurety whether you can earn engrams in it unless you test around 20 events to earn one. Try this method if you are unable to find the Exotic Engrams anywhere.

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