Destiny 2 – What’s that Message Icon in the Bottom Right?

Destiny 2

Those of you that have jumped into Destiny 2 yesterday as it debuted on PC, may have noticed a strange icon appearing in the bottom right corner of the screen. This icon will appear, and quietly flash at you, at various times throughout the game. This occurs most frequently upon first launching the game, or after visiting a social space. It can’t be clicked on with the mouse and doesn’t seem to impact the game much, aside from the fact that it’s annoying.

What is the Icon in the Bottom Right?

Destiny 2 - What's that Message Icon in the Bottom Right?
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The icon is known as the Text Chat icon and notifies the player that there is a text chat message waiting for them. It usually appears after visiting a social space and often contains merely a greeting and a notice that whispers from strangers are disabled.

In order to bring up the content hiding behind the flashing icon, press T by default. You may also rebind this to a different key on your keyboard by visiting the Key Mappings page in the Settings.

Destiny 2 - What's that Message Icon in the Bottom Right?
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How to Disable the Text Chat Icon

If you have no intention of ever using the text chat, which is limited to clan mates and fireteam members, then you can disable that feature altogether. Do so by visiting the Gameplay page in the Settings and toggling the Text Chat option to Off. Once the text chat feature is disabled, you won’t ever be bothered by the silly little icon again.

Destiny 2 - What's that Message Icon in the Bottom Right?
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Time will tell if Bungie will expand upon the text chat feature, as there are currently a number of criticisms leveled against it. Highest on that list is that there is no ability to chat with everyone in a social space. This is likely done for a good reason, as random chats from strangers aren’t always friendly or appropriate, but most MMO games offer this ability. For a game that considers its end-game purpose to “make friends”, it can be difficult to meet new people without the ability to talk to them.

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