Destruction Allstars error code CE-106485-4 “Something went wrong” – explained

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Destruction Allstars is out now on the PlayStation Network, but if you have been trying to download it then there is a good chance you are running into a problem. While you can effectively purchase the game on the PSN, it is free for PlayStation Plus members, when you try to donwload it you will be met by an error message.

A message saying “Something went wrong” will pop up on the screen, along with the error code CE-1064850-4. The download will fail and that will be that. A quick search of the Sony help website shows that this error code normally relates to out of date system software. A quick check of the system software on your PlayStation should show you that everything is up to date.

To make sure, to Settings, System, System Software, and then System Software Update and Settings. Choose the option to update via the internet and your system will more than likely tell you that you are all up to date.

Some players appear to be able to download the game just fine, however, so the actual cause of this is a bit of a mystery. At the moment, Lucid Games, the developer, has yet to say anything about the issue on their official Twitter account, but it is worth following them for updates.

All we can really do at this point is wait for official word from Sony, or Lucid Games, but we will update this article as soon as we have more information.