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Detroit Become Human is a PS4 exclusive adventure game where you will play the story of three main characters Kara, Connor, and Markus. Each is a different version of android programmed to serve humans. The game takes you to a futuristic world of these androids and the gameplay is completely based on choices. Depending on the situations you have to pick a choice to progress, and that leads to a different ending. Each chapter has different endings that have an impact on the story ahead. In this wiki guide, you get full walkthrough along with multiple endings of chapters.

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Below you can see chapter wise walkthrough of Detroit Become Human. Click the link to read the guide and to find the list of different endings.

  • The Hostage – This is the beginning of Detroit Become Human, you will play as Connor an Advance Police Robot who is on a mission to save a Hostage captured by a Deviant Daniel. There are six endings in the chapter.
  • A New Home & The Painter – In A New Home you will play as Kara, doing regular chores and in The Painter, you will play as Markus who works for a famous painter. After insisted by the painter as Markus you will have the choice to paint, and there are around 12 different paintings.
  • Partners – In this part you will be playing as Connor. This one is a simple mission you just have to visit a bar and find Lt. Anderson and later go with him on a murder investigation.
  • Stormy Night – You will play as Kara in this chapter, there are around 15 endings. Depending on the choices you pick you will see different endings.
  • Broken & The Interrogation – In Broken you will be playing as Markus, due to circumstances, he will turn into a Deviant. In the next chapter The Interrogation, as Connor, you have to extract a confession from the Deviant who murdered a human.
  • Fugitives – After escaping from Todd, Kara and Alice are on street. This is a simple chapter whereas Kara you will find shelter for Alice to spend the night.
  • From the Dead & Waiting For Hank – In chapter From the Dead you will play as Markus who is shot and thrown in a junkyard. The objective is to repair and escape the place. In Waiting for Hank visit a police station and talk to hank.
  • On The Run – In this chapter Kara and Alice has to escape the police. You will also play as Connor who will chase Kara.
  • Jericho & The Nest – There are two chapters in this walkthrough, at first in Jericho you will have to locate 7 Graffitis and in the next one you will be playing as Connor to find a Deviant hidden in a house.
  • Time To Decide & Zlatko: In these two chapters first you will play as Markus who is on the edge of creating a revolution against humans. And in the next one as Kara who is trapped with Alice.
  • Russian Roulette & Spare Parts: Russian Roulette is a short chapter where Connor visits Hank’s house to assist him. In Spare Parts, Markus will head to Cyberlife warehouse to steal bio-components for the dying androids in Jericho.
  • Eden Club: In this chapter, Connor and Hank will be heading to an Android’s strip club to investigate a murder.
  • Pirates Cove And Ambassador Bridge: The first chapter in this walkthrough Pirates Cove is a short one, as Kara you just have to find shelter for Alice. In the second one Ambassador Bridge as Connor, you will have some serious conversation with Hank.
  • The Stratford Tower: As Markus, you will be heading to a Channel 16 broadcasting office to hijack it and leave a message for the human society in favor of Androids.
  • Public Enemy: In this part, Connor and Hank will investigate the attack on Stratford Tower. There are around six different endings.
  • Midnight Train: In search of shelter Kara, Alice and Luther find Rose. A woman who is helping Deviants.
  • Capitol Park: Markus plans to attack Cyberlife store in-order to free other androids.
  • Meet Kamski & Freedom March: There are two chapters in this walkthrough, at first Hank and Connor meet Kamski to investigate on Deviant. There is a section in this chapter where Kamski proves that Connor is also a Deviant. In the next one Freedom March Markus goes for a demonstration.
  • Last Chance Connor: To get the location of Jericho Connor pleads with Hank to give him some time to analyze the clue before the case is taken over by FBI.
  • Crossroads: After this, you will be controlling all the three characters side by side, in this part Kara and Alice reaches Jericho, but it gets attacked because of Connor. Depending on choices you pick there will be many different endings.
  • Night of Soul & Battle of Detroit: This is the ending walkthrough of Detroit Become Human.

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