Diablo 2: Resurrected “You must be connected to Battle.net” error explained

A rudimentary problem.

Image via Blizzard

As the latest Diablo 2: Resurrected beta is underway, many players are finding themselves impacted by an error. Some people out there are getting an error messaged that says “You must be connected to Battle.net” when they are trying to launch the game.

This is certainly unusual as the game can only be launched from the Battle.net launcher, so players already are connected to the launcher. As such, it’s a pretty nonsensical error message to get and is leaving people confused.

In reality, the problem appears to be that the servers are down when players are trying to launch the game, hence the error message. It’s impossible to know exactly why this is the error message that appears. It might be a mistake, or it could be a simple clarity issue where the message should be informing people that they need an active connection to the Battle.net service itself, and having the app open doesn’t guarantee the connection if the service is down. It’s a simple bit of confusion that could be alleviated with a more detailed error message.

For players, the only course of action is to wait for the servers to come back online, and then you’ll be able to jump back in and start working on your Cryo Sorceress build again.