Diablo 4 – How Aspects Work and Everything Explained

Aspects are critical to your gameplay in Diablo 4, and this guide shows you how to take advantage of them and everything to know about them.

Aspects are a critical part of Diablo 4. They’re the primary reward you receive after completing the dungeon for the first time. When you unlock them, they unlock for every character on your account, which means when you make new characters, any aspects you’ve unlocked on your main will be available to the other character you make.

Unfortunately, a detailed description of how these aspects work is not exactly clear. What happens to the aspect after you unlock them? How do they apply to your character and your account? Here’s everything about aspects explained in Diablo 4 and how they work.

How to Get Aspects in Diablo 4

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You can discover Diablo 4 aspects by hovering over any of the dungeons you see on the map. If you see a small, chest-like icon next to the dungeon entrance, that’s a clear indicator that you have not cleared this dungeon once, and the aspect is still waiting inside it.

Upon reaching the end of the dungeon with any of your characters, the aspect unlocks on your account, and you can now freely use it. Not every aspect works with all the character classes. Each aspect will be for a specific class, or it will be a general one that you can give to any character. If it is a specific character class aspect, expect to see which class can use it underneath the text when hovering over the dungeon.

Although your main character might not be able to access every aspect, unlocking them all is a good idea. This makes it easier for future characters to receive full customization and tackle the tougher content.

Everything About Aspects Explained for Diablo 4

After unlocking an aspect in Diablo 4, the next step is to use it. The process is not like adding a gem to your character’s weapons or armor. You won’t have to visit a Jeweler; a socket is not required to add an aspect. When you’re ready, head into town and find the Occultist, who will be able to imprint an aspect to your equipment.

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You can find the Occultist in any of the large towns in Diablo 4, indicator by the three circles and triangle symbol. Speak with them, and you can pick what gear piece on your gear you’d like to gift an aspect.

Not every aspect can go into every piece of equipment in Diablo 4. For example, an aspect with the Axe symbol can be placed onto your weapons, rings, gloves, or necklaces. Before adding an aspect to any of these pieces, you’ll see at the top what slots an aspect can go into.

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Adding an aspect to your character will cost a certain amount of gold and rare resources, such as Baleful Fragments or Veiled Crystals. These are unlocked through various gameplay routes in Diablo 4, such as breaking down legendary equipment, completing dungeons, or defeating powerful elites and bosses.

Because of the costs of applying aspects to your gear, it’s recommended to wait until you reach the end of the main story campaign, and after you’ve leveled your character a considerable amount in Diablo 4. These powers are extremely helpful to your character, and make it much easier to tackle some of the tougher content in the game, especially as you get ready for higher World Tiers, such as Nightmare and Torment.

Again, save your money until you unlock more aspects and figure out your character’s build for Diablo 4. Purchasing these too early might set you back quite a bit, and aspects are always available to you, so long as you have the gold and legendary resources to unlock them.