Diablo 4 – How to Add Sockets to Weapons and Armor

Sockets are vital to every build in Diablo 4, and our guide shows you where you can go to add more to your weapons and armor.

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Sockets are a critical component of every piece of armor and any weapon your character holds in Diablo 4. This is where you can place ability-enhancing gems, influencing your build to push specific stats beyond their standard, making them far more useful.

Not every piece of gear you run across will have a socket already in it, and there might be some that can accept more, giving you a chance to add further gems and enhancements. Here’s what you need to know about adding sockets to any weapons or armor you find in Diablo 4.

Where to Add Sockets for Weapons and Armor in Diablo 4

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When you want to add a socket to any of your weapons and armor in Diablo 4, make your way over to any of the large towns and be on the lookout for a Jeweler. There should be a Jeweler in all of the major towns. You’ll be able to track down the Jeweler based on the Diamond icon you can find on your map.

Upon approaching the Jeweler, speak with them and make your way to the third tab. Any available item in your inventory or gear slots that can receive a socket will be highlighted in your character inventory tab. You will then need to drag them over to the item slot on the top, and you can see how many slots you can add to the item.

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If an item does not have a socket slot, you can add one. If it already has a socket slot, you should be able to add another socket for a total of two sockets on a single piece of gear. Not every weapon can accept two sockets or additional ones in Diablo 4. These will be greyed out in your inventory.

When you place an item in the upper socket, there will be a cost for this activity. There will be a gold cost for adding a socket, and it will require Scattered Prisms. These are unique resources in Diablo 4 that drop from the world bosses or elite bosses you can find in the overworld. It’s a rare drop, and tracking them down can take a lot of effort.

Adding sockets to your weapons and armor is something you want to do for the best gear. We don’t recommend jumping into this activity too early, and it will be something to consider when you reach the end of the campaign and begin grinding up to level 100 in Diablo 4.