Diablo 4 – How to Get Crushed Beast Bones

Crushed Beast Bones is a tough resource to find in Diablo 4, and this guide shows you the best place to find it while playing the game.

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Crushed Beast Bones are one of the many materials you need to find while exploring Diablo 4. These resources are a critical ingredient to upgrade your Health Potion and are used in other recipes you’ll want to whip up while exploring Sanctuary.

Although Crushed Beast Bones might not seem like one of the more complex resources to find, they can be tricky to track down because they’re challenging to get to drop. You need to hunt down specific monsters located in certain areas. Here’s what we know about how you can get Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4.

Where to Find Crushed Beast Bones and Farm in Diablo 4

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It’s tricky to narrow down the exact region you want to explore Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4. However, the best resource will be any big, gnarly creature in the overworld with a lot of fur. For example, any large, powerful bears you encounter have a good chance of dropping these resources. This also includes large boars or lycans.

Unfortunately, it’s a rare drop. This means you’ll want to regularly explore any wild regions between the cities that serve as your safe-havens. However, one of the more reliable ways to get Crushed Beast Bones to drop is to find random events or explore dungeons where these large creatures might spawn.

We acquired our first amount of Crushed Beast Bones by doing a random event in the Fractured Peaks at level 22. It involved defending against multiple waves of foes, and these enemies were all creatures, and the only monster to drop the Crushed Beast Bones was the large bear that appeared.

Outside of finding it from this event, we’ve yet to encounter Crushed Beast Bones reliably. Many players have reported that the random world events in each region are the best way to find them, as they typically involve fighting large enemies or more powerful ones that you’ll find by exploring the map. Our best recommendation is to focus on these random events and try to go after them if you want to find Crushed Beast Bones.

A good way to track down this resource and kill time is to focus on the side quests and explore off the main road of the Diablo 4 main story. The more locations you explore in Sanctuary, the more chances you have to find random events and tough bosses wandering around.