Diablo 4 – Queued For Game, Start Game Pending Error & Blizzard CS Updates

Playing Diablo IV can feel like a chore with all the programs players need to open and things like the queued for game start pending error.


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As an online game, Diablo 4 is subject to all sorts of issues related to an internet connection, game versions, and many other potential problems. One of the more common messages players get is the “Queued for game, start game pending” error, which doesn’t do a great job of telling them what they need to do. This guide explains the error and offers a potential fix that might help get players back into Diablo 4 sooner rather than later.

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What is the Queued for Game, Start Game Pending Error in Diablo 4?

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The queued for game, start game pending error pops up when too many players are trying to enter Sanctuary. There’s no problem opening Diablo IV, but actually getting into the game proper is what’s causing the error. Think of it like a server queue, except the game doesn’t tell players how many other people are ahead of them in the queue. Instead, everyone needs to wait until the game gets around to letting them into Sanctuary when there’s space on the servers.

Blizzard CS Twitter Updates For Diablo 4 Server Queues

Blizzard has been sharing updates on the Blizzard CS Twitter account about the issues players are having with the queue for Diablo 4. A recent post shows that the team is seeing login issues in the game and is actively investigating them. At the time of writing though, these issues persist and have not been fixed.

How to Fix the Queued for Game, Start Game Pending Error

Since the queued for game, start game pending error isn’t technically an error; there’s no one thing that can fix it. However, it’s possible to skip the queue or convince the game to let a player in by restarting the device they’re playing on. This may not work every time, but it does give players something to do while they would be in the queue, and by the time they return, the queue has usually died down enough for them to get into Sanctuary. If the issue persists for a long period of time, it’s worth alerting Activision Blizzard with a support ticket.

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How Long are Server Queues for Diablo 4?

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At the time of writing, server queues to get into Sanctuary in Diablo IV are up to 20 minutes long. This varies depending on the time of day, but at peak times, players should expect to wait at least this long, if not even longer. Playing in the early morning is the best time of day to get into Diablo IV as quickly as possible since most players tend to put hours into the game overnight.