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Diablo 4 – Riddle Statue Puzzle Solutions & Rewards

Diablo 4 players will need to get crafty to solve the Riddle Statue puzzles throughout Sanctuary - but they offer exciting rewards.

Exploring every nook and cranny of Sanctuary is no small task for Diablo 4 players, and the quests that help build out the world can be complex and challenging. One of these includes Riddle Statues, which are scattered across the zones in Sanctuary and can provide helpful boons and rewards for players for very minimal work.

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Although they may seem confusing at first, once you know the trick to solving these puzzles, they can be quick and easy to do and won’t slow down your progress, while also helping you along your way.

Below, Diablo 4 players will learn what Riddle Statues are in Diablo IV, how to solve them, and what bonuses you can get from completing them.

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What are Riddle Statues in Diablo 4

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Riddles Statues are quick puzzles that players can find all over the world of Sanctuary during their adventures. They are usually located off the beaten path, in alcoves, caves, or tucked away in little areas, and can be identified by a small, glowing ring-like symbol in from of them.

How to Solve Riddle Statues in Diablo 4

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To solve and activate Riddle Statues in Diablo 4, you’ll need to interact with the faded plaques that are on the front of each statue. This will reveal a partial message, with a few keywords still legible and a certain phrase in capital letters. From there, you’ll need to use a specific emote while standing in front of the statue to solve it, with the message hinting at what emote you will need to use.

For example, one type of message will read “GREET Death open arms,” which will require the Hello emote to complete. Doing so will grant players temporary buffs or items like loot, gold, or potions.

To use a Diablo 4 emote on PC, click E on your keyboard, and you’ll be presented with a emote wheel with several segments, each with various emotes. Use your mouse to select the emote you want, click it, and your character will perform the emote.

If any emote isn’t present, you’ll need to select Customize under the emote wheel, choose the emote tab in the menu, and add it to your emote wheel to use it.

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All Rewards from Riddle Statues in Diablo 4

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These are the Riddles we have found so far in Diablo 4 and the emotes required to solve them.

  • Atone – Statues with this word require you to use the Sorry emote and will reward you with potions you can pick up if you aren’t already at full capacity.
  • Embolden – Using the Cheer emote on this statue will give players the Emboldened Spirit buff, providing a spirit companion who will aid you in combat for a set amount of time.
  • Give Aid – This statue requires the Help emote and will reward players with a temporary barrier. This buff will give you a protective barrier allowing you to take more damage for a few seconds.
  • Greet – Statues with this keyword will need the Hello emote, which will give players the temporary buff called Shadows’ Embrace, This will make you invisible for a few seconds.
  • Provoke – To solve this statue, you will want to use the Taunt emote, which will provide the Unstoppable buff. This will remove movement debuffs and make you immune for a set amount of time.

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