Diablo IV Seasons and Battle Pass Explained – Cost, Rewards, & More

See what treasures await for you in Diablo 4’s Season and Battle Pass system.

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Diablo IV will include Seasons and a Battle Pass system that will give players a chance to explore new seasonal content and unlock multiple free and premium rewards, such as cosmetics and currency, and a ton of other content. If you are wondering how Diablo IV will be handling its Seasons and Battle Pass, including its rewards, length, and cost, we’ve got all the details for you.

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How Seasons Will Work in Diablo IV

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Diablo IV will use a seasonal model similar to Diablo III, featuring new content for players to enjoy with each new season. In a recent live stream and corresponding blog post, the developers gave some more details on what players can expect from their seasons.

There will be four seasons per year, each lasting around three months and having a specific theme that will influence some aspects of the season. In each season, players can expect a new seasonal questline, which will feature unique stories in the world of Sanctuary but won’t be major stories, which are being saved for the game’s future expansions.

In addition to quests, each season will include a Season Journey, a returning feature from Diablo III. These will consist of various objectives and quests for players to complete in a series of chapters, unlocking new rewards, including cosmetics and legendary powers, as players progress through each season. On top of that, each season will come with new legendary and unique effects to find, quality-of-life improvements based on feedback, unique seasonal mechanics, and aspirational challenges, which are best described as final challenges to cap off a season.

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Like previous titles, players can create seasonal characters to level up and play through a season, complete quests, and seasonal activities. Once the season ends, that character will be moved to the standard realm and can continue to be played after the season is over.

How the Battle Pass Will Work in Diablo IV

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The Diablo IV Season Pass will offer players multiple rewards in the form of premium currency for microtransactions, cosmetic items such as armor and weapon skins, and themed items for each season. These will be earned by progressing through the Battle Pass, leveling up, and completing tasks and challenges throughout the season, with a new Battle Pass beginning each season.

There will be two tiers within the Battle Pass with different rewards, the free tiers, which will be available to all players, and the premium tiers, which include seasonal cosmetics and items. The battle pass will be made up of 90 tiers in total, 27 free tiers, and 63 premium tiers. To progress in the battle pass, players must earn Favor by completing the season journey quests and chapters and/or playing as a seasonal character.

The Diablo IV Battle Pass will cost $10/£8, with the option to purchase an accelerated battle pass which comes with 20 tiers unlocked off the bat.

Smoldering Ashes and Boosts Explained

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Smoldering Ashes is a currency that players will earn as they progress through the battle pass, and they will be on the free track for all players. As players unlock this currency, they can use it to unlock seasonal blessings, which include various buffs like XP boosts and gold drops, which will last for the entire season.

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Blizzard has assured fans that all content included in the Battle Pass and in-game shop will feature no pay-to-win or pay-for-power options and will be purely cosmetic. Additionally, to unlock the Smoldering Ashes, players will need to reach a certain level first, regardless of whether they have paid for tiers or not, meaning players will still need to progress to the required level to get the currency and use the seasonal blessing. This has been done to avoid players paying for power and make the experience fair and equal for all players.