Dirt 5 trophy and achievement list

Less pain, more platinum.

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Dirt 5’s road to release may have been a bit bumpy, but its trophy/achievement list looks to be a smooth ride. In fact, for such a major AAA title, we are shocked at how easy it appears to obtain the coveted platinum will be. In total, there are 21 trophies, including eight gold, six silver, and six bronze.

If anything, the list can be deemed time-consuming as some of the meta-game objectives require drivers to earn up to one million dollars, max out at level 50, and have over 10,000 miles driven. If you’re looking for quick bronze unlocks, there are a handful that reward you for simply trying out a mode or feature.

As Dirt 5 will not have the ability to transfer current-gen saves to next-gen, players have the potential of completing this list twice – once on each generation.

Bronze trophies

  • Fast Cars and Fancy Cards – Customise and save your player card
  • Jack of All Trades – Complete one of every type of Career Event
  • Stuntmasta’ – Score 30,000 or higher in a Career Gymkhana event
  • Graduation Ceremony – Complete Chapter 1
  • Extreme Acceleration – Complete Chapter 2
  • +10HRSPRS – Save your first customised livery

Silver trophies

  • Long Jump – Jump 50m distance in a single jump
  • Everyone’s a Critic – Rate a Playground
  • Blank Slate – Build and test your first Playground
  • Escape Velocity – Complete Chapter 3
  • Spare Some Change for Gas? – Drive 10,000 miles
  • Final Shift – Complete Chapter 4

Platinum and gold trophies

  • DIRT LEGEND – Collect all other trophies
  • Superstardom – Reach level 50, becoming a Superstar
  • Practice Makes Perfect – Complete 10 clean laps
  • Superstar Story – Complete Chapter 5
  • Checks and Balances – Earn a total of $1,000,000
  • I’ll Show Them! I’ll Show Them All! – Unlock all Throwdowns in the Career
  • Now I Am the Master – Complete the Superstar Finale of the Career
  • No Event Left Behind – Complete every Career Event
  • Gonna Need New Tires – Complete a 100m drift