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Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps Update – How to Earn More Moonstones

Disney Dreamlight Valley has introduced new DreamSnaps feature, here is how it works and how players can get more Moonstones.

Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley are important for those who want to deck out their houses and valleys as much as possible. The Premium Shop is one way that players can buy really neat items such as houses, tool skins, additional companions, and outfits for their avatar. Moonstones are also required to unlock the Premium Star Paths as well.

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While DDV does offer some ways to earn free Moonstones, players often struggle to acquire enough to spend in the Premium Shop without dipping into their real-world savings. However, the developers have introduced a new feature for players to get more Moonstones for free with the DreamSnaps update. Here’s how it works.

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What Is DreamSnaps And How To Use It

Taking selfies with beloved Disney characters is something many love to do in their free time in the valley, and it is something that players need to do to complete missions. DreamSnaps is a new feature that will allow players to make more Moonstones by competing in photo challenges.

Some players questioned if this challenge would take place on social media platforms, but it won’t. Instead, this feature will allow players to submit their designs and have them voted on by other players.

The DreamSnaps update stated, “Flex your creativity and compete in weekly, community-wide photo challenges with DreamSnaps! Each week, earn a variety of prizes for participating, including Moonstones, furniture, and clothing items!”

With each coming week, players can earn up to a minimum of 300 Moonstones via DreamSnaps challenges. Including the 50 Moonstones you can collect from daily blue chests, players can earn a staggering 650 Moonstones per week if they log-in daily and complete the DreamSnaps challnges.

A minimum of 300 Moonstones can be obtained from the DreamSnaps challenge by submitting a piece. However, the amount received will be determined based on their scores. Those who vote on other people’s designs will be rewarded 50 more Moonstones.

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These are all of the ways players can quickly earn some more Moonstones every week outside of purchasing them from the bundles with real money or in the Star Paths.

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