Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Claim New Star Path Is Too Boring

Disney Dreamlight valley players discuss how the new Star Path is both boring and difficult after latest update.

Image by Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently released its latest Star Path a couple of weeks ago, introducing it as The Wonder of Pixar Star Path. It features many different Pixar items from fan-favorite movies such as Inside Out, Toy Story, Turning Red, and more. Players can earn these rewards by completing tasks and accumulating points.

While players have been griping about the Moonstone and Premium Shop prices, more recently, the community is at odds with the latest Star Path, claiming it is too boring and isn’t keeping them excited to unlock these new rewards.

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Players Discuss Star Path Being More Difficult Than Ones Before

Not only do players believe the new Star Path is boring, but they’re also claiming that many of the missions required to receive all the rewards are a lot more difficult than the ones that were available in the past.

One player stated, “For me, the worst is the 20 bass I’ve been fishing for two weeks, and they never seem to spawn.” This is very relatable, as many are having problems getting all the fish needed for this mission.

Another commenter stated how the developers seemed to have made the overall Star Path be made harder for those players who have been playing the game a lot longer, maybe even wanting the Star Path to take more time to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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While this could be a good view for the developers to go with, at the same time, players are getting bored with the event as it seems to take multiple days and more playtime to be able to get all the rewards. Something that developers need to keep in mind is a lot of the games players have jobs and other things to do outside of the game, and it is hard for them to get the rewards with the harder they make it.