Disney Dreamlight Valley June Update: Patch Notes, New Quests & Star Path

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans will finally have a chance to unravel the mysteries of The Forgetting this summer, alongside a new Star Path.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Juny Update Patch Notes

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can now jump into the June 7, 2023 update, and there is a wealth of new content and gameplay tweaks to discover. Despite being in early access, DDV has provided players with regular bursts of content via major updates in past years. This has included everything from Star Paths celebrating milestones to new story content for the main narrative.

This most recent expansion to Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to provide answers to the major questline surrounding The Forgetting. This phenomenon has existed since players first set foot in the valley – but without any way to correctly resolve it. This, alongside quality-of-life fixes and the Wonder of Pixar Star Path, make June 2023 update an exciting opportunity for fans of the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley June 7, 2023 Patch Notes

Disney Dreamlight Valley June Update
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

As broken down on the Disney Dreamlight Valley blog, the June 2023 update offers players plenty of new content while also overhauling previous mechanics. Below is everything to know about the patch and its impacts on DDV.

  • The Remembering – A major update the main story of Disney Dreamlight Valley, focused on discovering the origins of The Forgetting. Players will enter the Forgotten Lands to finally understand what caused the terrible curse to take over the valley.
  • Wonder of Pixar Star Path – Players will have the chance to purchase items using Moonstones from the new Wonder of Pixar Star Path. This includes a Red Panda Onesie from Turning Red, as well as an aquarium inspired by Finding Nemo. Additionally, it has been mentioned that both the Premium Shop and Scrooge McDuck’s store will receive new stock.
  • Summer Additions – Pride-themed items will be available to claim for Disney Dreamlight Valley via Twitter.
  • Decorating Changes – Players can now customize the colors and patterns on furniture items. This will be locked until players craft a required 15 base furniture items in the game.
  • WALL-E Dream Bundle – For 4,000 Moonstones, players can purchase a special WALL-E bundle. The Dapper Dream Style will also include an exclusive questline.
  • Community Changes – Community feedback remains an important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s development. A handful of changes have been made with community requests and commentary in mind. This includes:
    • Mannequins to place clothing on
    • Addition of multiple player homes
    • Increased item limit for decorating

June 2023 Bug Fixes for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Additionally, Gamesoft has focused on improving the player experience in DDV by fixing reported bugs. Below are the main fixes for the June 2023 update.

  • Bug fixes in The Lion King realm reported by community feedback

With the main storyline for Disney Dreamlight Valley potentially coming to a close, it is possible an official full launch date will be announced sometime in the coming months. In the meantime, the 2023 Roadmap for DDV continues to promise exciting new features and plenty of ways to get lost in this epic, Disney-inspired adventure.