Disney Mirrorverse tier list – the best characters in Disney Mirrorverse

Pick the right Disney mascot.

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Disney Mirrorverse has bought together some of the most popular characters from Disney and Pixar to protect the Mirrorverse from a significant evil threat. Referred to as Guardians in the game, these comprise both heroes and villains that are now working towards a common goal. As with most gacha games, you’ll be pulling for these Guardians and assembling a team for your journey. Hence, we’ve put together a tier list ranking every Guardian in Disney Mirrorverse so that you can get an idea of which one to prioritize.

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The best characters in Disney Mirrorverse

SAriel, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Incredible, Jack Skellington, Hiro Hamada
AOogie Boogie, Judy Hopps, Baymax, Frank Wolff, Tiana, Anger, Gaston, Aladdin, Evil Queen, Snow White
BBelle, Maui, Ursula, Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Jack Sparrow, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Hercules, Scar, Mulan 
CMerida, Rapunzel, Maleficent, Ian Lightfoot, Goofy, Sulley, E.V.E, Captain Hook, Hades, Mike Wazowski, Stitch
DMinnie Mouse, Baloo, Genie, Tinker Bell

All the characters in the S Tier are overpowered and should generally be the priority for every team. Ariel is arguably the best melee character in the game right now. She boasts significant damage but also packs utility with her cleansing effect. Jack Skellington, on the other hand, is top-tier support as he can consistently buff allies’ attack stats and is also capable of replenishing health. Contending for the best support in the game, we also have Hiro Hamada in the S Tier, who is equally good.

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Like S Tier characters, A Tier characters are super strong but are not busted like the prior one. Gaston is a powerful ranged character that has a lot of damage. If you are looking for a tank character, getting Baymax should be a priority. Apart from being immune to Poison and Wound, Baymax buffs the defense of teammates around him by 25%.

B and C Tier characters are not super strong but can be effective if used correctly. They do not excel at one specific role and will mostly fill a more nice role. However, if you do not have S or A Tier characters, you can assemble a decent team using these characters.

Unfortunately, characters in the D Tier are underpowered and usually not worth the investment. In most cases, you should avoid using these characters until they are buffed, or their kit is changed.