Do you need to wear the Solstice Armor in Destiny 2 to complete the challenges?

Do you need to war these funky duds?

Destiny 2

So with the start of the Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2, Guardians are wondering if they need to wear the special Solstice of Heroes armor that Eva Levante has given them. The event centers around this armor, and you will need to complete various challenges to level it up from Renewed to Majestic, and then finally to Magnificent.

If you have been wondering whether you need to wear this armor to get the challenges complete, the answer is yes, unfortunately. If you have been working hard to get a nice high Power level, and are above 1020 Power level of the armor, then you will sadly need to take a step back, for now at least. The majority of the challenges are not too hard, and you should be able through them pretty quickly. We even put it to the test in the below video, as we wanted to test it out before writing this article.

To check the different challenges for each piece of armor, you can scroll over it in your Inventory. Each piece will have three challenges you need to complete to upgrade it to the next level. You start with the Renewed Armor, and when you complete any of the pieces, you can meditate at the Statue of Heroes to upgrade them. 

If you wish, because you want to do something that requires all your available power such as a Nightfall or a Raid, you can simply switch your armor out to your usual pieces, but you will not be able to work on the challenges while doing this. While it would be nice to be able to put the armor in your Inventory and work on your challenges while wearing better gear, this would kind of ruin the theme of the event, so we understand why it is not possible.