Does Elden Ring have an easy mode? Answered

Prepare to die.

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Soulsborne games are challenging but not impossible. The first iteration of From Software’s Souls series, Demons Souls, was widely admonished when it was first released on the PlayStation 3 for its high learning curve. Fans who stuck with it found a deep and involving story, challenging gameplay, and fantastic multiplayer interactions. This has carried forward throughout all Souls games and is no different in Elden Ring. It begs the question then — does Elden Ring have an easy mode?

Elden Ring features a unique difficulty slider in that the game is only as challenging as you make it. There is no toggle-able easy mode in any menu, but you can make certain encounters easier by participating in multiplayer. Near dungeons and boss arenas, if you use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy item, you can often see Signs on the ground. These Signs are placed by players looking to participate in jolly cooperation and help you to the best of their ability to clear a dungeon or defeat a boss.

Outside of those areas, you may not necessarily be on your own — by setting a Password via the Multiplayer Screen (accessed via the start menu), you can match up with only friends who know the Password. Allies make Elden Ring easier, but be warned — for every player you have assisting you, bosses gain a health boost to compensate.

Some strategies to make things easier while exploring the Lands Between:

  • Sometimes you end up in areas you aren’t ready for. There is no shame in backing down and going elsewhere.
  • Losing Runes isn’t the deathknell you may think it is. Runes are always obtainable — enemies respawn with every rest at a Site of Grace, and multiplayer can always be accessed near boss doors.
  • If you need to grind Runes to level up, offer yourself up for multiplayer by using the Tarnished’s Furled Finger. You do not lose Runes on death, and you gain Runes for assisting other players. This can also help you learn boss patterns with zero risk.
  • Learn when to attack and when to back down. Sometimes enemies have multi-hit combo attacks that they cannot be staggered out of. Raise your shield to defend, practice parrying, and practice dodging heavy attacks.
  • If your stamina gets low, back off and lower your shield to allow it time to regenerate faster.
  • If you died out in the field, mount up on Torrent and rush to get your Runes back. Torrent can zip around a lot faster than most, but not all, enemies in the game.