Does King’s Bounty II have multiplayer or co-op?

Can you play with a friend?

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King Bounty II is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic turn-based RPG. Many people will have spent a lot of time with the title in the past and may be wondering if they will be able to play the new version with friends.

Unfortunately, King’s Bounty II will be singleplayer only, and will not feature any multiplayer or co-op features. The game will be entirely focused on singleplayer, just like the original, and the developers do not have any plans to introduce cooperative play in the future.

In King’s Bounty II, players will be able to pick from one of three characters, then play through a long and involved campaign feature combat, building your own army, and making all manner of important decisions that will impact the story.

You will need to explore the world of the game, interacting with lots of characters and making all manner of decisions that can permanently affect your game. Your character will eventually become set in their ways, limiting their courses of actions, so you really will be roleplaying a personality type rather than just trying to min-max your choices.