Does Neil Druckmann have a cameo in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Does the co-creator of The Last of Us have a cameo in the show?

Image via The Last of Us HBO Twitter / Djeneba Aduayom

HBO’s The Last of Us contains secrets and easter eggs for video game fans to devour. Eagle-eyed viewers have also been quick to point out surprise appearances from some unexpected people. One of those was showrunner Craig Mazin, who had a brief cameo as a soldier in episode 1 – When You’re Lost in the Darkness. But what about The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann — who is also heavily involved in the TV show — does he make a cameo at all? Here is what you need to know.

Is Neil Druckmann in The Last of Us TV series?

Naughty Dog co-president and co-creator of The Last of Us Neil Druckmann seems to make an appearance in the TV series – or at least someone who looks like him. During episode 2 – Infected, when Joel, Ellie, and Tess reach the Capitol Building, they discover the bodies of some Fireflies. As Tess begins franticly searching to see if there is a radio nearby, Joel kicks over one of the bodies, turning them around. The camera zooms in and reveals the face of the bloodied head.

Screengrab via HBO – The Last of Us

This close-up shot sure looks like Druckmann, and the camera does linger for what seems to be a moment. But there could be a good reason for that longer shot, as Druckmann was the director of episode 2 and maybe just wanted to be in the spotlight for a second more in his TV debut.

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Either way, this could be a fun little easter egg for fans of The Last of Us, and there is bound to be plenty more on the way to spot in the hit TV show.