Does Spirittea Have A Multiplayer Mode?

Can my friends drop by for a soak in Spirittea’s Multiplayer mode or is it strictly a solo experience?

can you play spiritea multiplayer

Image via Cheesemaster Games

I consider myself a problem solver, but Spirittea adds a surprising twist to the fix-it game when the solutions involve spiritual baths. The only thing that would make it even better is having the ability to manage this bathhouse with friends.

Spirittea proudly brands itself as an adventure RPG simulation game. Many games in this genre let you engage in co-op multiplayer shenanigans from the start or through an eventual update. I can think of more than one way this would make the unique world in Spirittea even more special, whether by visiting a friend’s bathhouse to take a sneak peek at their decor or letting bath visitors help place butt-naked spirits in a friend’s bathtubs. Let’s uncover whether this is possible in Cheesemaster Games’ second title.

Can You Play Spirittea in Multiplayer Mode?

does spiritea have multiplayer
Image via Cheesemaster Games

Upon release, Spirittea does not include a Multiplayer mode. It’s strictly a single-player game, so I guess my dreams of wreaking havoc in a friend’s bathhouse will have to wait. 

During the game’s Kickstarter campaign, which helped fund the game in the past four years, the question about Multiplayer being added to Spirittea got tossed around quite a lot. Dan Beckerton, the man behind Cheesemaster Games, didn’t shy away from letting the games’ supporters know that “there were no plans for Multiplayer just yet.” 

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However, he mentioned that this could change at some point in the future because he believes multiplayer is “a cool thing to have.” So, fingers crossed that perhaps this feature could be introduced in a future update for Spirittea. Patience will be key here, though, since this game is a solo endeavor after all.

There is also the possibility of Spirittea’s community growing large enough to develop a Multiplayer mod, but that remains to be seen. In the meantime, I’ll just be befriending every local I can find until Cheesemaster Games decides to let us romance them.