Valleyverse: How Will Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Multiplayer Work?

It’s finally time to have your friends over to the Valley in DDV. I think we all have some cleaning up to do!

Multiplayer DDV news

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley spent 40 minutes spitting rainbows and new content at their player base in the DDV Showcase. Every minute was put to good use, and the most exciting news is the confirmation of the upcoming Multiplayer Mode.

Though Gameloft has been teasing its players to death with the inclusion of multiplayer in DDV, a specific date has finally been confirmed. Not only that, they have also given a couple of details about the Multiplayer Mode’s features and limitations. Though my wish to witness the devs playing in their charming valleys didn’t come true, there’s plenty of fresh information to dissect.

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When Will Multiplayer Launch in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Multiplayer DDV release date
Image via Gameloft

Multiplayer Mode will be launching on December 5 for all versions of the game. The Valleyverse, as DDV likes to call it, is available for all types of players on the same day. At the moment, there is no confirmation that crossplay between different platforms will be possible. However, since cross-progression is currently available, I can only hope playing with friends who prefer a different platform from yours will be possible.

How Will Multiplayer Work in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Multiplayer will allow players and up to three friends to visit each other’s Valleys. This mode opens up a world of opportunities. As the creative minds behind DDV shared in the showcase, you’ll be able to show off your design skills and even explore Scrooge McDuck’s store in another player’s Valley. This is massive news. No longer will you be restricted to the daily furniture and clothing items available in your Valley’s Scrooge store. If you don’t like them, you can just waltz off to your friend’s store.

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The best part is that the Multiplayer experience will continue to evolve over time. That means each future update could bring new ways to interact with friends as more features are included.