Is Battlefront 2 crossplay? explained

Can you play EA’s Battlefront II across different platforms?

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a first-person shooter video game and the fourth main installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the franchise. It was released worldwide in November 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game features a single-player campaign mode and multiplayer battle royale mode. The campaign mode follows Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad, an elite special forces group of the Galactic Empire. The game’s multiplayer mode features up to 40 players in massive battles supporting either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.

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Meanwhile, crossplay is a feature that allows players on different gaming platforms to play together online. For example, a player on Xbox One could play with someone on PlayStation 4 or PC. Crossplay is becoming increasingly popular with gamers as it allows for a larger pool of players to play together, regardless of what console they own.

Does Battlefront 2 have crossplay?

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So, is Battlefront 2 crossplay? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Crossplay is not supported in Battlefront 2. This means that players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC will not be able to play together online. However, there is still hope that crossplay will be added in a future update. Until then, players will just have to stick to playing with others on their own platforms.

This might be a bit underwhelming to fans who’ve been hoping for crossplay support. EA has only started offering cross-platform support years after the game’s launch, which means that the game might not be updated to include it. However, with the release of the new Star Wars Battlefront 2: Original Trilogy updates, which add co-op and offline game modes, crossplay support could be added in a future update.

Moreover, there are still plenty of other great features in Battlefront 2 that make it worth playing. For example, the game features a whole host of iconic Star Wars characters and vehicles. Plus, its multiplayer modes are incredibly addicting and fun. So, even though crossplay isn’t supported, Battlefront 2 is still definitely worth checking out.

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An alternative Star Wars cross-platform experience

If you’re looking for a Star Wars game that allows you to play with a more extensive playerbase and not just those who have the same platform as you do, you may want to consider Star Wars: Squadrons. The game, which is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Epic, and Origin, features full crossplay support. So no matter what platform you’re playing on, you’ll be able to join in the dogfighting fun with players from any other platform. It even has VR support for an even more immersive experience.