How to use the Contraband Pack in Callisto Protocol

Extra credits never hurt anyone.

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In The Callisto Protocol, you are trapped in a prison with dangerous enemies and not-so-friendly allies. There is always something waiting for you around every corner and most of the time it is something looking to kill you. Because of this, the developers have added some nice additions in the form of preorder bonuses that will help you in the game. One of the preorder bonuses is the Contraband Pack and it might just save your life early on in the game. This guide will show you how to use the Contraband Pack in The Callisto Protocol.

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How to redeem the Contraband Pack in the Callisto Protocol

The Contraband Pack is a preorder bonus that you would have received if you purchased the game before the release day. You will also have to purchase the game on either the PS4 or PS5 since the Contraband Pack is a PlayStation exclusive. After starting up the game, you will already have the Contraband Pack added to your inventory. Access your inventory to view it and you will see that it says that you can sell for Callisto Credits.

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To redeem the Contraband Pack, you will need to wait until you find your first Reforge Station. Reforge Stations are where you can go to upgrade your gear in the game such as weapons and the GRP. Each upgrade that you obtain will cost you Callisto Credits. That is where the Contraband Pack comes in. You will reach your first Reforge Station early in the game.

When you do, go to the sell section and select the Contraband Pack. You can sell this item for a large number of Callisto Credits so you can upgrade your gear earlier than you would be able to otherwise. Just be careful not to drop it before selling it. Remember, you can only redeem the Contraband Pack once. Once it is redeemed, the pack is gone for good.