Does Tower of Fantasy have a pity system? Answered

Please have pity on us.

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Gacha mechanics can be frustrating when you never manage to get a powerful character, but games like Tower of Fantasy have a solution. To balance out the cold, unfeeling whims of luck, many developers implement a pity system to ensure that players don’t get so burned by several bad pulls that they drop the game entirely. If you’re curious about if Tower of Fantasy has a pity system, here is everything you need to know about it.

Tower of Fantasy pity system, explained

Image via Hotta Studio

Gacha systems need to be carefully balanced to ensure that players get enough powerful characters to progress through the game without making things too easy. A pity system helps with that balance, making sure that characters get a character of SSR rank — the highest rank possible in most games — after a set number of pulls. Even those who aren’t lucky won’t be left behind.

Tower of Fantasy does have a pity system, though its generosity depends on which banner system you’re using. So long as you’re able to log into the game’s servers, you’re guaranteed to get a high-ranking character regularly.

  • Black Nucleus – This is the lowest-tier banner with the lowest standard SSR pull rate. As such, it doesn’t have a pity system so you might go a very long time without getting your next top-tier character.
  • Gold Nucleus – The standard banner does have a pity system implemented. You’ll be guaranteed an SR character every 10 pulls and an SSR every 80 pulls.
  • Red Nucleus – This is a limited banner that rotates throughout the year. The characters in this banner are often limited-edition so it is worth keeping an eye out for what they have on offer. It also has a pity system that offers an SR character every 10 pull and an SSR every 80 pulls.

It is worth noting that the pity rate in Tower of Fantasy doesn’t change if you do manage to pull a high-ranking character earlier. You’re guaranteed an SSR every 80 pulls, even if you get an SSR tier hero on your 20th pull. This makes this one of the more generous gacha systems you’ll find in online games.