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Does Wild Hearts have Layered Armor?

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Layered Armor is a specific term coined in the Monster Hunter series and represents their version of transmog. Wild Hearts features an extensive collection of armor, along with human and Kemono variants of almost each armor piece. Wild Hearts does feature its take on the layered armor/transmog mechanic but throws its own twists on the formula. This guide will explain how layered armor works in Wild Hearts.

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How transmog works in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts does feature an extensive transmog system for players who can venture deep into the end game. Layered Armor is called Cladding in Wild Hearts, and it doesn’t unlock until you complete the main story in Chapter 5. This will take considerable time and effort, but once the story is complete, you can visit Yatarō in the hub town Minato to begin Cladding your favorite-looking armor sets. To wear your transmog armor, head to the change equipment screen at a Forge or Natsume to equip it.

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Cladding armor is a true late-game effort, as the steps required to create ornaments out of armor are extensive. Here are the steps needed to use Cladding on a piece of armor. Keep in mind your armor will be consumed if you perform Cladding to it.

  1. You must have the piece of armor you want to turn into Cladding.
  2. You need a corresponding Magical Orb. Some orbs are region-specific, but certain armor pieces require you to defeat a specific Deeply Volatile Kemono.
  3. A hefty amount of gold, head to the Treasury, and sell what you can to earn some extra gold.

Magical Orbs are an end-game resource that only drops from Volatile and Deeply Volatile Kemono. These creatures are the most dangerous bosses Wild Hearts has, so make sure you’re fully prepared to take them down.

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