Dragon Cult Incantations in Elden Ring – what they are and where to find them

Prepare to strike.

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Dragon Cult Incantations are one of two types of incantations that draw from the power of dragons, with the other being Dragon Communion Incantations. The main difference between these is that the Dragon Communion Incantations involve some aspect of bodily transformation, whereas Dragon Cult Incantations do not. Additionally, while the communion category is unusual for its use of the arcane stat, the cult category is cast using purely faith.

Dragon Cult Incantations are boosted by the Gravel Stone Seal. Unlike some other types of incantations, this also applies to non-damage-dealing spells. The exception to this is Electrify Armament, which for some reason doesn’t receive a buff from the seal.

All Dragon Cult Incantations

  • Electrify Armament: This adds lightning damage to the caster’s right hand armament. As with most other spells that add new damage types to weapons, this is a solid buff for many builds. You can purchase Electrify Armament after turning in the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. It requires 15 faith.
  • Lightning Spear: This fires a lightning projectile over a long distance in front of the caster. It is one of the most popular damage-dealing incantations in the game due to its good damage, ease of use, and versatility. You can purchase Lightning Spear after turning in the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. It requires 17 faith.
  • Dragonbolt Blessing: This increases the caster’s base resistances and effective poise at the cost of reduced lightning resistance. Its duration is 70 seconds. The boost to block effectiveness that this grants is especially useful for faith builds with a significant melee focus. You can find Dragonbolt Blessing in a chest in the Stormcaller Church near Leyndell. It requires 21 faith.
  • Vyke’s Dragonbolt: This enchants the caster’s right hand armament with red lightning for 70 seconds. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of an increased equipment load, making this spell a very unpopular choice for most situations (even if it does look cool). You receive Vyke’s Dragonbolt as a reward after defeating Roundtable Knight Vyke inside the Lord Contender’s Evergaol in the Mountaintops of the Giants. It requires 23 faith.
  • Honed Bolt: This strikes a targeted enemy with a lightning bolt from above. It is an incredibly popular spell due to its fast cast speed, along with its ability to be chain cast in quick succession and lack of any functional projectile travel time. You can purchase Honed Bolt after turning in the Dragon Cult’s Prayerbook. It requires 24 faith.
  • Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike: Much like Honed Bolt, this calls down lightning that hits targets from above. Unlike Honed Bolt, it travels forward over time and deals damage in an area. It also deals massive damage to large enemies. It can’t be chain cast, but that’s well worth the tradeoff in many boss fights. You can purchase Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike after turning in the Ancient Dragon’s Prayerbook. It requires 26 faith.
  • Lightning Strike: This summons lightning in an unpredictable pattern in front of the caster, and the lightning spreads over time. It’s a solid choice for dealing with enemy groups, and is available relatively early in the game. You can find Lightning Strike on a scarab in the Weeping Peninsula. It’s in a large crack south of Morne Tunnel, and it is (fittingly) marked by regular lightning strikes. It requires 28 faith to cast.
  • Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear: This is a red lightning variation of Honed Bolt that also adds some area damage to the mix. As a tradeoff however, this can’t be chain cast. You can purchase Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear after turning in the Ancient Dragon’s Prayerbook. It requires 32 faith.
  • Frozen Lightning Spear: This is a variation of Lightning Strike that adds frostbite buildup for an increased FP cost. The added benefit of a status effect means that this spell outperforms its predecessor in most situations. You can find Frozen Lightning Spear on the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokostella. It requires 34 faith.
  • Lansseax’s Glaive: This summons a red lightning glaive that sweeps an area in front of the caster. Although it deals very high damage, this spell is held back by a very long cast time, and for this, it suffers greatly. You receive Lansseax’s Glaive after defeating Ancient Dragon Lansseax. It requires 40 faith.
  • Fortissax’s Lightning Spear: This is another red lightning variation on Honed Bolt. In this case, the lightning strikes twice in the same place, and spreads in an area. You can purchase Fortissax’s Lightning Spear after trading in the Remembrance of the Lichdragon. It requires 46 faith.
  • Death Lightning: This summons a lightning storm in an area of effect. Unfortunately it suffers from the same problem as many high level incantations: a long cast time combined with inconsistent damage. You can purchase Death Lightning after trading in the Remembrance of the Lichdragon. It requires 47 faith.

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