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Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires campaign scenarios explained

Pick the right campaign for you.

When you start a new game in Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires, you’ll need to select a scenario for your campaign. There are several to choose from, each one offering something slightly different depending on which hero you go on to pick. This guide explains campaign scenarios, so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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What are scenarios?

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Scenarios are important moments in Chinese history when the region was in a particular state of flux or when one kingdom was vast and powerful. For example, in the Yellow Turban Rebellion, one leader gathered troops and overtook five significant areas of the map. The state of China will determine how easy or difficult your campaign will be. Using the Yellow Turban Rebellion example, if you choose to take control of the kingdom in the yellow region, you’ll start your campaign with more territory and power than your enemies. Choose a lesser domain, and the yellow segment of the map becomes an insurmountable force.

You’ll be able to pick a leader within the scenario you choose. The leader determines which territory you control, so pick the leader with the color that relates to your selected territory on the map. While no single territory is necessarily less powerful than the next, some scenarios provide you with a significant advantage if you take control of the kingdom with a clear upper hand. In the free-for-all scenario, everyone’s territory is equal, and kingdoms will go to war over nothing. This is, in a way, the most challenging scenario to choose because of how open it is.

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