Elden Ring Prophet Build Guide – The Best Prophet Builds

Here are some of the best Prophet builds to play!

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The Prophet is a class that starts with a high Faith and Mind, while having some decent Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane. The Prophet’s stats are a slight inversion of the Prisoner. Where the Prisoner was good for Intelligence/Dexterity builds, the Prophet is good for Strength/Faith builds, already having the necessary Faith for some weapons and Incantations.

The Prophet comes in with the following starting stats:

  • Rune Level: 7
  • Vigor: 10
  • Mind: 14
  • Endurance: 8
  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Faith: 16
  • Arcane: 10

What Builds Work Best For The Prophet?

The Prophet will do well with any build that involves Faith as a key component. It doesn’t always have to be the first stat you invest in, as you do want to make sure that you will have the FP for your Incantations and possibly other Sorceries. As you gain more Incantations and equipment that scale with Faith, you do want to start investing in Faith and a few other stats as well.

To start you out with a Prophet, here is a build that is good for a new Prophet that will help you get used to using Incantations.

Starting Prophet Build

This build isn’t equipment dependent, which is perfect for those who want to focus on the Prophet’s Incantations over regular combat. You want to use the Catch Flame and Dragonfire Incantations, which are helpful for dealing a lot of damage to enemies quickly. Dragonfire is good for groups, while Catch Flame is effective when there are fewer targets.

Catch Flame is already with the Prophet as their starting equipment. Dragonfire will need to be obtained at the Church of the Dragon Communion, requiring 1 Dragon Heart for the Incantation (likely obtained early on from Flying Dragon Agheel, but any Dragon will do).

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Using these Incantations will drain your FP quickly, and you do want to spend a good amount of stat points investing into Vigor and Mind to survive longer in combat. Once you have a decent amount invested (about halfway to the soft caps), you can switch to Faith & Arcane. You will need Arcane to be 12 in order to use Dragonfire, but it won’t be hard for the Prophet to reach that requirement.

Primary stats to invest in: Vigor and Mind (at the beginning)

Secondary stats that can help: Faith and Arcane (especially after Vigor & Mind are good enough)

One good build that builds off of the Faith investment would be the Sword of Night and Flame build. While it isn’t the powerhouse it was before Patch 1.03, it is a good fit for Prophet characters.

Sword of Night and Flame Build

Wielding the Sword of Night and Flame will require:

  • 12 Strength
  • 12 Dexterity
  • 24 Intelligence
  • 24 Faith

The Prophet will need to work on their Intelligence (which is 7 at the start) in order to use the weapon, but they likely already have the Faith investment. Strength and Dexterity would only need a few stat points.

Once you get the Sword, you can pair it with the Meteorite Staff as you are starting out, but you want to change it out with the Prince of Death’s Staff at the earliest opportunity.

The Night and Flame Stance will allow you to use powerful attacks that can deal great damage to opponents, whether you are fighting a tough boss or a group of enemies. Paired with Rancorcall and/or Ancient Death Rancor, you can deal a lot of damage to enemies (and stagger them in the case of Ancient Death Rancor) that would be hard for the Sword to deal with.

The best part about this build for the Prophet is that if you are coming off of the previous build, you already have a decent amount of stats invested into Vigor and Mind, allowing you to put more points towards Intelligence & Faith for this build to work.

Primary stats to invest in: Intelligence and Faith

Secondary stats that can help: Vigor and Mind

To keep working with the stat investments you have made following the two builds, you can switch to using spears in the late-game with this next build.

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Late Game Prophet Spear Build

This build works great with the Treespear and can be buffed with Sacred Order or Electrify Armament depending on whether Holy/Electric damage would be better. The Treespear already comes with Sacred Order, and you can add on to those effects with Golden Vow, an Incantation perfect for a Prophet character (but useful on other classes as well).

You also want a sturdy shield, such as the Brass Shield, that you can enhance with Barricade Shield. This greatly reduces the Stamina damage taken when blocking, which allows you to save your Stamina for attacking or block counters.

Lightning Spear is a good Incantation for hitting flying enemies or enemies that are too difficult to hit with your spear. Blessing’s Boon will heal you and ensure that you can stay in the fight longer.

Primary stats to invest in: Strength, Faith, and Endurance

Secondary stats that can help: Dexterity and Mind


The Prophet’s high Faith is perfect for using Incantations that can provide a decent offense early on. When you eventually find weapons that scale with Faith, you can start investing into other stats to use those weapons, then buff those weapons for additional power or use Incantations for support.

While you will have to dip into other stats depending on how you want to build your Prophet, you can’t go wrong with a starting investment into Vigor and Mind, then going into other stats when you find the weapons/Incantations you want to use.