Elden Ring rolling system – how to dodge faster

From fast roll to fat roll.

Elden Ring

Image via Bandai Namco

Rolling is easily the most important defensive maneuver available to players in Elden Ring. Rolling to dodge attacks will give players access to something called I-Frames. These are brief moments of invincibility that allows players to dodge any incoming damage.

You can roll in any direction, and how quickly you roll will depend on your Equip Load. This can be checked in the stats screen, and as long as it remains under a certain percentage you will be able to do what is called a Light or Fast roll. This is the roll that offers the most I-Frames and is the desirable place to have your build. You get a Light roll, you will need to have your equipment load under 30% of your maximum equip load.

Medium roll is when your equip load is between 30% and 70%, and will be slower than the light roll. Between 70% and 100% is called Heavy roll, or what some players refer to as far roll. This costs a lot more stamina and has minimal I-Frames. Anything above 100% will stop your character from rolling at all.