Every slime’s favorite food in Slime Rancher 2

It’s time for Slimes’ favorite food.

Image via Monomi Park

Players embarking on a journey in Slime Rancher 2 will come across several Slimes, mostly from the first installment of the game but also some new ones. Like always, most Slimes in the game have a diet and favorite food they prefer over any other delicacy. Since you’ll often feed Slimes in the game, it’s best to know their preferred meal beforehand. Hence, we are listing all the Slimes in the game along with their diet and favorite food.

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All Slimes and their favourite food in Slime Rancher 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

Currently, there are 21 Slimes in the game, which are listed below.

Slime TypeDietFood
Boom SlimeMeatBriar Hen
Crystal SlimeVegetablesOdd Onion
Fire SlimeAshAsh
Gold SlimeGilded GingerGilded Ginger
Gordo SlimesNot fixedNot fixed
Honey SlimeFruitsMint Mango
Hunter SlimeMeatRoostro
Largo SlimesNot fixedNot fixed
Lucky SlimeMeatNo preferred food
Phosphor SlimeFruitsCuberry
Pink SlimeAny No preferred food
Puddle SlimeWaterWater
Quantum SlimeFruitsPhase Lemon
Rock SlimeVegetablesHeart Beet
Tabby SlimeMeatStony Hen
Tarr SlimeAnything except other SlimesThe player
Angler Slime (new)MeatSea Hen
Batty Slime (new)FruitsPomegranate
Cotton Slime (new)VegetablesWater Lettuce
Flutter Slime (new)NectarMoondew Nectar
Ringtail Slime (new)AnyNo preferred food

If you are wondering why it’s necessary to know the favorite food of different Slimes in the game, this is mainly because when Slimes are fed their preferred food, they produce double the amount of Plort. Whether it is generating money or crafting specific equipment, Plort will aid you in every aspect of the game.