Everything new coming to the Lost Ark June Update: Vykas Legion Raid, Kungelanium Guardian Raid, and more

A ton of new content is coming.

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It was getting dicey, but the June Update for Lost Ark is indeed dropping in June. Lost Ark fans waiting for the next big challenge will be able to take on Vykas once the update drops on June 30. Vykas is the second Legion Raid and will test your ability to work efficiently with your team. There are a couple of other challenges coming to the game, like a new Guardian Raid and a new instance known as Thronespire.

While much of the upcoming content is intended for higher-level players, Smilegate RPG is giving players the opportunity to catch up with a new island event. Heartbeat Island will give you the chance to earn tons of important materials to help newer players catch up. In addition, there are new quality-of-life updates coming to the game, including a new CAPTCHA system intended to combat botting issues.

Here is everything new coming in the Lost Ark June Update:

Vykas Legion Raid

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The Vykas Legion Raid is the second in the game. Legion Raids are difficult battles that pit you and up to seven other players against a mighty boss. These bosses require tons of teamwork and coordination, so be sure to have a group ready to go if you’re intending on challenging this difficult enemy.

Vykas has three parts to the fight (three gates) and two difficulty modes to challenge. Players who are Item Level 1430 can challenge “Normal” difficulty, while players who are Item Level 1460 and above can challenge “Hard” difficulty. The latter has more rewards, but both modes are going to be difficult.

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Kungelanium Guardian Raid

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The newest Guardian Raid is here. Kungelanium is the second Level 6 Guardian Raid boss, following the mighty phoenix Deskaluda. Kungelanium is the next Guardian Raid that players will confront, which is a daily boss that you can take down for important rewards. You need to be Item Level 1460 and above to challenge Kungelanium, and you can battle him with up to three other players.


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The Thronespire is a difficult, distorted instance and is the third instance of the “Tower.” The Tower is a dungeon that pits players against up to 50 battles. Unlike most of the content in Lost Ark, Thronespire is single-player content. But clear this challenge on your own, and you’ll get some incredible rewards that will help you progress your account.

Heartbeat Island

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Heartbeat Island is the newest Event Island coming to the game and will replace Wild Wings Island. On this island, you can do a variety of different daily tasks and activities to earn Festival Coins. These coins can be exchanged for important rewards that will help you progress your characters. Events are important to do if you want to make sure you can level up in time for the next update, so don’t neglect this fun new island.

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Bot Prevention Measures and Quality-of-Life

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Botting is a huge issue in Lost Ark, often contributing to queues and massive increases in prices at the marketplace. Smilegate RPG has been hard at work in diminishing the efficacy of these bots, and there are a couple of new measures coming to this update.

First, a new CAPTCHA system will be in place. Occasionally, as you enter a new zone, you’ll have to submit a CAPTCHA response within several minutes. We’ll have to see how this will be incorporated, and whether or not this will interrupt your Abyss Raids.

Additionally, Smilegate RPG is “adding preventions to limit gold-seller activity.” Purchases will have a 3-day waiting period before you can trade or transfer them out of an account, whether that be through mailing it to a friend or selling it on the Auction House.

Other important Quality-of-Life updates include the Stronghold Research that will improve characters’ honing rates up to Item Level 1415. On top of this new daily log-in rewards will be available as well.

The official Lost Ark site has a detailed list of changes coming to the June update.