Lost Ark: Velganos Guardian Raid Guide

Take down the toughest boss.

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Velganos is the final Level 5 Guardian Raid in Lost Ark, and he’s one of the most difficult Guardian Raids currently in the game. Velganos is a beast, dealing absurd amounts of damage with attacks that can easily take out anyone in one blast. Before tackling this boss, it’s important to know the mechanics to best prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

When considering items, you want a Pheremone Bomb, Potions, and Whirlwind Grenades. Velganos has a few stagger checks, meaning you will want to throw a Whirlwind Grenade if your team is low on stagger. Additionally, it’s important that Velganos stay in a wide, open area for the third phase. If Velganos spawns in an area of the map that’s closed off, let him teleport elsewhere.

Phase One and Two

Velganos has extremely strong and intimidating attacks, so it’s important to know his patterns. His main mechanic is the Light and Dark mechanic which allows you to deal or take more damage. Throughout all of Velganos’ phases, he will let out certain areas of Light that you need to step into. Stepping into one of these Light areas gives you a stack of Light. The more stacks you carry, the more damage you will deal, and at max stacks, you’ll take less damage too.

You can carry up to 5 of these stacks. If you are in a party, it’s recommended that everyone have at least 3 stacks, as that’s where the damage buff you receive from these stacks cap out. Many of his attacks will stack the Dark debuff. Do your best to dodge these attacks so you do not lose your stacks of Light.

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Each phase will also have a stagger check. You can tell it’s coming when Velganos surrounds himself with a warm light. Unleash all of your stagger damage onto Velganos, and if you succeed, he will be stunned for a long time. If you fail, Velganos will wipe your party. (If you do not have enough Stagger Damage, you can run away from Velganos and skip this mechanic.)

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Velganos will occasionally do a bite attack. He’ll spawn a golden circle in front of him, and all allies will gain a golden orb over their heads. One player in the party will suddenly receive a black orb. Whoever gets that orb must step into the golden circle. Following this, Velganos will lunge in and bite the player with the black orb, trapping them. Afterward, Velganos will stun himself. If you do not step into the circle, or if the wrong player steps into the circle, Velganos will wipe your party.

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Phase Three

When Velganos reaches the third phase, the fight proceeds mostly as normal. However, at 30% HP, Velganos will turn red in an enraged state, dealing more damage and taking less damage if you do not have Light stacks.

Velganos has one main and devastating attack pattern that you must avoid, as otherwise, your party will lack the damage required. Once he’s enraged, he does not drop Light circles like normal, making it difficult to grab the required Light stacks.

He will surround himself in a dark circle, which will swirl in one direction. From here, get behind Velganos and pay attention to the direction of the swirl. He will then initiate a pizza attack, where one triangle will grant Light stacks, and the other will grant Dark stacks and deal damage. You must walk in a circle in the direction of the swirl. Doing so will grant you four Light stacks if done correctly.

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Those are the major mechanics you need to know when defeating Velganos in Lost Ark. This is the most difficult Guardian Raid in Lost Ark so far, so follow this guide to be prepared for the major mechanics.