Everything we know about Party Royale in Fortnite

Party time.


Image via Epic Games

Epic Games are preparing to add a new element to Fortnite in the form of Party Royale. It would seem that this will be another laid back mode, and will have no shooting of building. In this article, we will be running through everything we know about the mode, and try to answer some common questions that people have.

Will it have a new map?

Yes, the Party Royale mode will take place on a new map. ShiinaBR has found it while doing some data mining. The map is smaller than the main battle royale map and features some classic Devourer bones.

ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks on Twitter

Leaked “Papaya” Map! (via @VastBlastt & @FNBRHQ)

When can I play Party Royale?

At the moment, no release date is known, but Epic is reported to have reached out to content creators to advise them that the first tests will take place this Friday at 9 pm EST. That time could change, and we don’t know if this is an open event, or limited just to people who are invited.

What exactly is Party Royale?

Lucas7yoshi // Fortnite Leaks on Twitter

Some papaya aka party royale things

Party Royale appears to be a new island centered around different minigames that you can play in with your friends. There will be no weapons or materials needed, as everything you need will be right there on the island. It seems to be a place to relax if you want to enjoy Fortnite but not play the battle royale, creative, or Save the World modes.

There will also be all sorts of new items, like paint launchers and grenades, so it seems that the games will still require the same skills you need in the battle royale mode.

Will it have matchmaking?

At the moment, we don’t know if the mode will have matchmaking, or if you can only visit with people in your lobby. It feels like a safe assumption that the mode will have matchmaking, however.