Everything we know about Pokémon Go’s Mystery Bonus Hour event

What can Pokémon Go players expect from this mystery event?

Background via Niantic

February is a busy month for Pokémon Go, and with so many events happening, developer Niantic had to make a massive post outlining everything they plan to do in the hectic month. Players may find themselves with not too much time to rest, for those are eager to remain active, you can participate in the Tornadus five-star raids, the upcoming 2020 Valentine’s Day event, the Great League preseason, and so much more. Notably, a small, brand new event is coming to Pokémon Go, called Mystery Bonus Hour.

Right now, we don’t know what the mystery bonus for this event is going to be, or even how it’s going to work. By the sounds of it, it’s likely an item available to you for a limited time or a miniature event where you can receive exclusive rewards. It probably won’t involve a Pokémon because Niantic is already holding an exclusive Pokémon Spotlight Hour for an unnamed Pokémon this month.

Both the Pokémon Spotlight Hour and the Mysterious Bonus Hour are two new events coming to the mobile game. These events are something Niantic is trying to see how it fits with the community as small experiments. If they yield positive results, we could see more of both of them in the future, but the limited nature of these events could hold them back, at least at the beginning.

To take part in the Mystery Bonus Hour, make sure to keep your Pokémon Go application active on Feb. 6 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in your local time. We don’t have any details about how the event is going to work out, but you should expect to wander around your local neighborhood to grab any goodies Niantic is throwing your way.