Everything We Know So Far About Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Fourth House Ashen Wolves

Ashen Wolves

Image via Nintendo

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has dropped the bomb by releasing a trailer that reveals the fourth house, the Ashen Wolves. Dubbed as the secret shadow of Garreg Mach, the new house includes four new characters who will take part in the new side story that will be released on Feb. 13th. While we do not know much about the new characters right now, here is what we know so far about the four new characters shown in the Cindered Shadows trailer.

Three Houses Yuri


Yuri is the leader of the Ashen Wolves house. He explains in his dialogue that the students from the house are eager, but with no teacher to guide them. While he would appreciate if his fellow students were to be under the guidance of a teacher, he is reluctant to get Byleth and the other Garreg Mach students in the conflict they are dealing with.

Yuri’s class is rumored to be a Trickster when it comes to his class’ outfit. He is shown to switch places with Byleth in one of the new maps, making him capable of being able to use Faith magic and swords.



There is not much to say about Hapi at first glance, but she is shown to be somewhat pessimistic, especially when she says that no matter what she and the others do, they will die regardless of what happens. In combat, she seems to be a Valkryie as she is a cavalry unit and is using Reason magic.

Three Houses Constance


Constance in the trailer gives exposition to the Ashen Wolves’ place, explaining what Abyss is once Byleth makes their way to the secret hideout. She is also a new class in the game called Dark Flier, who is capable of wielding Reason magic and lances as seen from previous Fire Emblem games. From what we have seen, she is a confident battler.

Three Houses Balthus


Balthus is the tough guy who looks to be of the War Monk class, who dubs himself as the Almighty King of Grappling. He has a Hero’s Relic called the Varja-Mushti, which also has a combat art called Pneuma Gale. It is currently unknown what crest he has that makes him capable of wielding the legendary weapon. Because of him being able to use the Varja-Mushti, he might have a hugely significant role in the side story.

All four characters will also have their support conversations, one of them being able to S-support with both male and female Byleth. We will update this piece when we find out more information.