Everything you need to farm to prepare for Xiao in Genshin Impact

Get ready.

Genshin Impact

If you are planning on hitting the Xiao Banner hard when it arrives in Genshin Impact, you will want to put in some prep work between and then. Farming up everything you need will take some time, and knowing exactly how much of each resource you need to get your hands on will be a big help.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to max out Xiao, and where to get it all. Please note, this guide is largely built on leaked information, and will be updated as miYoHo make more information available.

All Ascension Materials

  • Vayuda Turquoise Sliver x 1
  • Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x 9
  • Vayuda Turquoise Chunk x 9
  • Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone x 6
  • Juvenile Jade x 46
  • Qingxin x 168
  • Slime Condensate x 36 (18 for levels, 18 for Talents)
  • Slime Secretions x 96 (30 for levels, 66 for Talents)
  • Slime Concentrates x 123 (36 for levels, 93 for Talents)
  • 9 Teachings of Prosperity
  • 63 Guide to Prosperity
  • 114 Philosophies of Prosperity
  • Shadow of the Warrior x 18

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, and Gemstone

You can get these from the Anemo Hypostasis Boss. This can be found to the northwest of the city of Mondstadt, near the top of the map. You will need 40 Original Resin to claim your rewards each time you fight it.

Anemo Hypopstasis Location

You can also craft these items using each item’s lower tier, as long as you have three of them. This can be done at the Alchemy benches in Liyue and Mondstadt.

Slime Condensate, Secretions, and Concentrates

Slimes can be found anywhere in the game, and are a regular enemy in all locations on the map. Southwest of the Thousand Winds Temple in Mondstadt, and the peninsula on the coast of Liyue near the Guyun Stone Forest are good places to farm them.


Qingxin is a plant that will only grow at the top of cliffs in Liyue. The Stone Forest is a pretty easy to spot to farm them in, as they will grow in clusters near the teleport points, and the Statue of the Seven. It is easy to grab a quick dozen Qingxin plants here, but they will take two to three days to respawn afterward.

Teachings, Guides, and Philosophies of Prosperity

These can be farmed on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at the Taishan Mansion Abyssal Domain near Jueyun Karst.

Taishan Mansion location

Shadow of the Warrior

Shadow of the Warrior can only be farmed from the Childe Bossfight at the Golden House in Liyue. You will need to fight him at Level 70+ to get this to drop. You can find this Domain to the south of Liyue Harbor after you have finished  Archon Quest Chapter I, Act 3.

Juvenile Jade

Juvenile Jade is the resource that you will not be able to farm right now, as it is simply rumored to arrive in the game. Xiao’s Banner is expected to arrive with update 1.3, which means this resource potentially will as well if it really is one of his upgrade materials. Leaks indicate a new Primo Geovishap boss fight that will drop this item.