Fae Farm Tool Upgrades: How to Upgrade Tools and All Tool Magical Abilities

Fae Farm tools need to be upgraded to make daily life easier. This guide breaks down each upgrade and who to go to for purchases.

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Without tools, the only means of survival in Fae Farm would be foraging. Though running around town picking up a bunch of stuff doesn’t sound like a terrible way to spend my time, I’d instead tend to my set of tools, thank you.

Fae Farm’s toolset allows you to farm, fish, cut wood, catch critters, mow grass, and even battle jumbles. Still, doing that can be tiring and time-consuming unless you upgrade your tools.

All Fae Farm Tools & How They Work

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ImageToolHow it works
ShovelDigs sand and clay out of the dirt.
AxeCuts down trees and chops up logs.
PickaxBreaks minerals.
SickleCuts plants and tall grasses.
Watering CanWaters seeds so they can grow.
RodCatches fish.
NetCatches bugs.

How to Upgrade Tools in Fae Farm

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The shovel, ax, pickax, sickle, and watering can are upgraded by Cinder, the blacksmith who lives by the docks. In exchange for some ingots and gold, she will upgrade these tools to be more efficient and even have mana-consuming and time-saving powers.

On the other hand, the Rod and Net can only be upgraded by Eddy, the fisher, and Mel, the beekeeper, respectively. These upgrades do not require ingredients, only cash.

All Tool Upgrades in Fae Farm

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Fae Farm Toolkit Upgrades

Base ToolEffectCopper UpgradeEffectIron UpgradeEffectFeyrite UpgradeEffect
ShovelDigs sand and clay.Digs mulch.Digs shade jelly.
Hold the power button to dig multiple piles at a time.
Digs shade jelly.
AxeChops beech wood.Chops oak wood.Chops flutterwood.
Hold the power button to fling it at a short distance.
Chops sporewood.
PickaxBreaks stone, coal, copper, citrine, peridot.Breaks iron, aquamarine, and topaz.Breaks feyrite, amethyst, and rose quartz.
Hold the power button to smash a small area.
Breaks silver, sapphire, and emerald.
SickleCuts fodder and plant fibers.Cuts sugarcane.Cuts clover feed.
Hold the power button to slice a small area.
Cuts sporeweed.
Watering CanWaters plants.Holds more water.Hold the power button to water a small area.Holds even more water.

Rod & Fishing Net

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Base ToolEffectSturdy UpgradeEffectAdvanced RodEffectMaster RodEffect
Basic RodCatch river fish and seashore fish.Catch fae fish.Catch mountain lake fish.Catch deep-sea fish and seafood fish.
Critter NetCatch bugs, frogs, crabs, and snails.Catch fae critters.Catch mountain critters.n/a